Original creations and jobs.


Originals, layouts, cover art. e-pub & paperback

Deepweb: Node

Theo is a curious guide among the layers of Deep Web, a tracker. Notoriously known for being discreet, quiet, and very careful. With the emergence of rumors about an entity called Node, which can traverse all levels of the Deep Web, the traffic of curious grows exponentially through the obscure network. Theo is hired by a pair of journalists to track clues about Node. But the search is not easy, since megacorporations, governments and powerful groups are interested in the same purpose. In almost impossible circumstances, Theo is guided in the right way to find him. Full of suspense, twists and tensions, Deepweb: Node captures the essence of the human being in his persistence in the will to live.

Link to e-book, and paperback( the book is in Portuguese ):

Creating animatins with open source softwares

Book that presents some solutions for the production of animations with Free Software.

Silence, Darkness and Numbness

Fantastic Tales of J. Arcadio (Pseudonym of Ricardo Grace).

Definitive Guide to Writing

You will learn how to organize and structure productively by already writing what you need, step by step.


script, game design, game mechanics, animations, programming

Key to Nowhere

Point and Click

Our Hero

Infinite Runner


animations, videography, motion, VFX

Title: Sob Traçantes
Futura Channel
Producer: Jabuti Filmes
Videografpy: Ricardo Graça
Design: Ricardo Graça

Title: Quem mandou me convidar
GNT Channel
Producer: Jabuti Filmes
Animation & motion graphics: Ricardo Graça
Illustration and Design: Paulo Mariotti

Title: Minha Rua
Futura channel
Producer: Jabuti Filmes
Videography, animations, motion graphics: Ricardo Graça
Design: Ricardo Graça